Published: February, 15th 2008 HiveMind Utilities
General utility modules for HiveMind Logo


Here are some encourageing comments on HiveMind Utilities (the first comment comes from the creator of HiveMind himself, while following comments come from HiveMind users):

"This sounds like a great addition, and exactly in the spirit of HiveMind ... small, focused libraries that automatically knit themselves into an overall application."

[ Howard Lewis Ship in hivemind-user list, Nov 19th 2004 ]

"First of all, congratulations on the great work you've donne with HiveMind Utilities. If it wasn't for these project i think i wouldn't have made the Spring to Hivemind migration i did."

[ Hugo Palma in hivemind-user list, May 11th 2005 ]

"first off, i'm glad i found this project. i was very close to switching to spring before i found your contributions which fill a core portion of the void between the 2 frameworks."

[ Eric Van Dewoestine in HiveMind Utilities Forum, May 29th 2005 ]