Published: February, 15th 2008 HiveMind Utilities
General utility modules for HiveMind Logo

Project Status

The latest stable version of the HiveMind Utilities is 0.8.0.

It works with JSE 5 & HiveMind 1.1.1 (it should work also with HiveMind 1.1).

It does not work with HiveMind 1.0, nor with J2SE 1.4 or previous versions.

All modules can be considered stable. Most of them are being used in the HiveBoard project.

CVS/SVN repository

There is no public CVS or Subversion repository for this project yet.

HiveMind Utilities Version numbering

The HiveMind Utilities team has opted for a version based on 3 numbers: M.m.p

 M Major release
 m Minor release
 p Patch release

M should stay 0 until a complete version (see Roadmap) is ready. Each minor release will bring important new features on the way to 1.0.0 Patch releases will occur to fix problems in minor releases.

An important point to note is that, for now, only one version number is planned to be used for the whole project (all modules share the same version). The main advantage is to make sure that the full distribution is homogeneous (ie, each module is compatible with other modules). However, a drawback is that new distributions may include modules that did not change compared with previous distribution.

This versioning scheme might change after HiveMind Utilities 1.0.0 are released.