Published: February, 15th 2008 HiveMind Utilities
General utility modules for HiveMind Logo


The idea of HiveTranse (that is the original name of the HiveMind Utilities) started in September 2004 at early release of HiveMind 1.0. After playing a little bit with HiveMind, I found it interesting to use for some of my J2EE projects, but at this time it was lacking support for persistence frameworks.

Several persons have contributed some code (on HiveMind JIRA and on HiveMind WIKI) aiming to support JDBC DataSources for some, Hibernate Sessions for others, and several persons have raised the idea of a generic Transaction Framework for HiveMind, which would have support for JDBC, Hibernate, iBATIS, JDO, JTA...

At that time, I started to work on some prototype of such a framework. A first version was "unofficially" released on HiveMind JIRA under no name and no version (I consider it to be HiveTranse 0.1.0).

Then, after Howard Lewis Ship's (HiveMind creator) suggestion, I decided to prepare the project to be hosted on SourceForge. But first, the future "HiveTranse" needed to be "polished" a bit:

  • review the build system
  • add unit and integration tests
  • complete javadoc and add hivedoc
  • fix a few bugs (discovered through unit tests!)

And finally, the HiveTranse project was created on SourceForge (one week before release of HiveTranse 0.2.0)!

Then after working more with HiveMind, I noticed that I had some other needs that HiveMind did not bring me off the shelf, but that could be implemented more or less easily in a generic way so that new modules meeting those needs could be easily reused by other projects. So I decided to add these new modules to the HiveTranse project, that should be better renamed more generally "HiveMind Utilities" project.